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Weekly interviews with best-selling authors, innovative thought-leaders and top-shelf executives sharing techniques and tips for business and career success. Listen for three action items you can use today.

Oct 15, 2016

Episode 78 - 9-time New York Times best-selling author Don Yaeger discusses his book Great Teams and things high-performing organizations do differently. As Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated magazine, Don has had a front row seat to study the greatest champions of all time.

What do team like the New England Patriots and San Antonio Spurs do better than most all of their opponents? What do great sports leaders like Walter Payton, Warrick Dunn and John Wooden have in common? How do great teams at organizations like Microsoft and Starbucks consistently outshine their competition...and how can we do it to?

Stay tuned after the interview for five action items that you can do to take advantage of the ideas and advice in Great Teams, and hear bonus comments from Don.

Host, Kevin Craine