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Weekly interviews with best-selling authors, innovative thought-leaders and top-shelf executives sharing techniques and tips for business and career success. Listen for three action items you can use today.

Feb 28, 2022

Alon Alroy discusses the new book "Event Success" and how to maximizing the business impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Alon is a co-founder of Bizzabo, a New York-based company which provides a software platform for hosting and managing in-person and virtual events. Listen for three action items you...

Feb 26, 2022

Jamie Cleghorn from Bain & Company discusses the Bain Sales Play System and how organizations can boost sales team success. Jamie leads the global commercial excellence product portfolio at Bain as well as their B2B commercial excellence practice in the Americas. Listen for three action items you can use today.


Feb 22, 2022

Alicia Hare discusses her book "The Unfolding Path: A Way to Live and Lead in Our Times" and ways that leaders can "lead brighter" to improve performance and improve the quality of people’s lives. Alicia is the founder and CEO of Tournesol, a leadership consulting firm that partners with CEOs, their teams, and...

Feb 19, 2022

Katie McCleary discusses her book, coauthored with Jennifer Edwards, Bridge The Gap and breakthrough communication tools to transform work relationships. Katie is is an entrepreneur and storyteller who trains leaders to launch big ideas by leveraging their social and cultural capital.  She is the host of “The Drive”...

Feb 15, 2022

Best-selling author Greg Hiebert discusses the new book "Changing Altitude" and how to soar in your new leadership role. Greg and his co-author Dennis O’Neil present a comprehensive framework for identifying values that underscore who you are as a leader, defining what success means to your organization, and taking...